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EP 2012


released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


BORN FROM PAIN (TH) Pakkred, Thailand

Born From Pain
We since start this band in 1998 influence from "Earth Crisis" and name of our band from name of song's Earth Crisis.We hope make good Thailand HC scene.

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Track Name: Standing Hard
Standing hard
Stand with believe with all my heart that we gave
Still standing hard in every move that I stand
Never sick and tired in thing it right that we done we ruin forward through
Sadness day that we meet
We never lost in time and never change our line never forget that kind
Till end last day that we fail
All of this it push me though my blood in my heart beat
I standing hard so what you are we standing hard walk in this line
We standing hard so what ta fuck you are
In every breath in my heart beat I standing hard so what a fuck you are
Track Name: My Rule
Taste your demise that you carry with broke promise you gave
With the fail word you spell but my rule is stand for against that shit you doing
Keep running your mouth you fucking peace of shit
How can you said you care you fucking leave us alone but now we can stand
By our pride in thing it right in freedom life positive mind
My rule is stand it for brothers for good radiance you cant break it
Push it away your fucking sworn it all has gone push it away your fucking sworn you would n belong
Track Name: Rebuild
As the time goes by gone and crashing by <2time>
By greed and no one trust
Made a smile faking for a convenience
I fucking sick of it
Why don’t you back for rebuild reduce your fucking self
Don’t have to blame anything you sink your self in the ocean of greed
In every breath that you take again and again this time go back for be rebuild
Why don’t you blind like dreamer one day you know the answear
The heart and way for better things and way for better life2<time>
This time we sign together this pride will live forever
The heart and way for better things
Remake rebuild reduce resist remake rebuild reduce resist
Track Name: Fight For The Truth (EP.2004)
This time we will fight in the right thing beside
The faith regret everything it rush to you and it can’t erase of my back and of my chest and it can’t forget
Till last breath till last day
It from that thing that you do it only a words from a fool
You can’t break us fall apart you fucking loose from the start
You such a fucking weak the stand never still changing by the wave of greed to shame to leave talking with you coldest lip but we still stand this time to prove nothing to loose
Don’t have return like you said your fucking word it too wasted all the truth that we said we fight for we fight for
We will fight for the truth that we said with heart by grace the stand is the same<2time>
Track Name: Hardcore Is In My Blood (EP.2004)
This time you call me it sound turn around and round this time we will
See that from inside out still to scare to hate to fight and I didn’t forget
Push it back down in tunnel desire it push I am choose to let go
Hardcore is in my blood hardcore is in my blood
Track Name: This song will never be silence (bonus track)
This song will never be silence
I cant lay down on in this land <2time>
I cant blind things that what I saw
You cant make us believe in what you said
It a shame to make it over again
For that thing you said it like pace of shit you only a blame
In this time like this another time like I had enough
No standard just action I had enough
With corrupting it no one left only regret
You fucked over again you stuck it over again you stuck it over again
I cant stand with that shit because it too much for me much for us
You break it all you take it all but in the end is nothing left no one left
It will come after you in every shit you do it will come after you in every shit you do
Look back down in your heart deep down inside someday you will find it more than price <2time>